This eatery serves up freshly baked pretzels in sweet and savoury flavours which are made in front of your eyes.

Sweet options give you a choice of classic cinnamon, walnut, coconut, almond. chocolate, almond, honey. You can have them filled with chocolate and walnut, or apple and cinnamon.

Savoury options are filled with the choice of cheese, poppy seed, sesame, jalapeno, olives and garlic. Fillings can include cheese, cream cheese, mushrooms and mince. Hot and with a crispy outer layer these are similar to a bagel and served according to your taste. If you are feeling experimental you can try something new or get something added to your order just by making a request.

The specialties include options from the Middle Eastern Manakish – with the choice of meat (halal chicken, beef, lamb, mixed mince, or salami) otherwise with zattar covered spicy bread with cream cheese, labana, vegetables and more and Fatayer (an Arab meat pastry), to the Romanian mici, grilled meats and more.

They even have the pretzilla – a pretzel stuffed with melted cheese and fresh mushrooms or lamb and beef mince otherwise can be topped with olives or jalapenos. The pretzel dog is a twist on an old favourite, the hot dog, with a Cabanossi sausage and toppings of your choice. Order coffee while you wait, with the $5.00 special of a coffee with your pretzel.

We recommend stopping by for a Mayan hot chocolate or grabbing a pre-theatre snack if you are in the neighbourhood for a show of some variety. It makes the perfect snack.